Would you ever?

Sign a contract with a company that you didn't choose, that the rate goes up every year you're a loyal customer, and that the contract only ends the day you die?

Did you ever consider?

That the only relationship you have with your electric provider is getting a bill every month?

There is no better time than now to go solar. For additional information about our solar energy services, call 800-815-0722

We give you the power

We give you the power

Ask yourself this:

What If?
Your electric company offered you a program where for no money down you get to keep your same rate with a guarantee of it never going up and after a period of time, would go away? Would that be something you would be interested in?

What If?
Your electric company offered you that same plan for a cheaper fixed rate than what you're paying now and would eventually go away? Would that be something you'd be interested in?

What If?
That same plan was guaranteed to go away after a period of time never to have to pay an electric bill again?

Although such a plan doesn't exist with your utility company, millions of people are going solar not because they have money in the bank because they don't. Learn how you can do the same thing.

We guarantee savings or we'll pay your next power bill.

Get expert service from an industry-leading company

At Initiative Energy Group, we do more than just design and install custom solar energy systems. Our solar energy consultant and local installers strive to educate homeowners on the advantages of going solar. We'll work hard to get the best deal on the best parts and products available. You can count on us to help you qualify for money-saving incentives, too.